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I have a tooth which is weak.

Teeth can be weakened by decay or damaged by trauma

A crown is a cap that is custom made for your tooth. It is designed to hold the remaining tooth structure together, covering it like a crash helmet !

Crowns can be made from metal for ultimate strength, but are now increasingly made from aesthetic cosmetic ceramic tooth coloured materials. The modern ceramic crowns quite often look better than the original teeth they are covering.

At Finn Dental Care we are frequently asked by patients " Can you cosmetically improve the apprearance of my smile ? "

Yes We Can........... and we just love to do this!

If you need a crown we shape the tooth, take an impression (mould) and a specialist dental laboratory then constructs the custom made crown to fit your tooth exactly.

It takes around 2 weeks for the laboratory to make your crown but don't worry won't leave you toothless, we provide you with a temporary crown in the meantime.


I have missing teeth

We  can solve this problem in a variety of ways.

Dentures are made from with either acrylic or metal and acrylic combined. A denture can be used to replace most missing teeth by resting on the gum and palate and sometimes with clasps around remaining teeth. They are designed to be left out at night.

A bridge can be used to replace missing teeth. Bridges are permanently fixed to the teeth adjacent to the gap so those teeth need to be strong enough to support the missing teeth. There is no plate with a bridge and it is not removable and should feel  and look like your natural teeth.

A bridge is usually made of tooth coloured ceramic material, sometimes strengthened with a metal core that is not visible.

In the same way as a crown, the teeth supporting the bridge are shaped before an impression (mould) is taken for the specialist laboratory to use in the construction of your finished bridge

A dental implant is a artificial tooth root made of surgical grade titanium. This is placed in your jawbone. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or in groups to replace many missing teeth. It is even possible for someone who has lost all their teeth to have implant-retained,  fixed-in teeth on as few as 4 Dental Implants.

Usually we will carry out a Cone Beam CT scan with our in-house, Sirona XG3D scanner. This will reveal the boney foundations available and help to assess your suitability for implants. This is a quick, non-invasive way to establish your suitability for implant treatment.

Surgery is carried out by our experienced dentists, under powerful local anaesthetic, or with local anaesthetic and conscious sedation, if you are anxious about the procedure!  


I'm really nervous

Conscious Sedation could be the solution if you find visiting the dentist stressful and difficult. As part of our service to you we offer conscious sedation to allow you to have anxiety-free treatment.

Sedation makes you feel relaxed and at ease without actually being asleep.

The sedation can be carried out with gas and air ( nitrous oxide), or Intravenous (with Midazolam), or sometimes both.


I’d like my teeth to be whiter

Why not try a tooth whitening treatment ?

If your teeth and gums are healthy, but you want to cosmetically improve their colour,  you can have a tooth whitening treatment.

This treatment is probably one of the most straight forward, safe and simple cosmetic dental procedures available. A simple mould is taken of your teeth in the surgery and your moulds are sent to the specialist dental laboratory, who make your custom fit whitening trays.

Once they are back with us, we check the trays for a perfect fit, show you how to whiten.........and off you go!

We love to whiten patient's's great!

If a single or multiple teeth are more severely discoloured, then ceramic veneers may me the solution to improve this.

Veneers are usually made from tooth coloured cosmetic ceramic material. Your teeth are prepared in the surgery under local anaesthetic, moulds of your mouth taken and the veneers are then sent to our specialist dental lab to be custom made for you.

Once they are returned to us, we check them for quality and arrange an appointment for bonding them to your teeth.

If you don't like the shape of your teeth , then veneers can also change the shape as well as the colour!


My tooth has a damaged or dead nerve

The nerve in a tooth can be damaged by decay or trauma and can even become infected (abscess). The tooth can be extracted but can usually be saved with root canal treatment.

The procedure is carried out under powerful anaesthesia and the damaged nerve is removed from inside the tooth. The root canals are cleaned to eradicate infection, shaped to receive special root canal filling. Finally the root canals are sealed using a material called gutta percha to prevent recurrence of infection.

At Finn Dental Care we use protaper next generation and the latest wave one technology for our root canal treatments.  

Often a tooth which has been root filled will need a crown to strengthen it.

The only other means of removing a damaged nerve is extraction (enough said!)


My gums bleed when I brush my teeth

Bleeding gums are not normal and can be a sign of gum disease which ultimately can lead to tooth loss.

Early detection is very important so book a check up straight away. Our hygienist is highly skilled in treating gum problems and will also be able to design an oral hygiene and maintenance plan for you.

Your long-term gum and periodental health is important to us. Regular vists to the hygienist and keeping your maintinence plan upto date will help you look after your gums.

The goal is that you keep your gums healthy and disease free for a lifetime.


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