Dental Implants at Finn Dental Care

At Finn Dental Care we value our patients and want them to have the best dental implant journey possible. We only use premium dental implants provided directly by the world's leading implant companies.

We are continuously striving for implant excellence.

Our partner implant companies are  Zimmer Biomet, Zest and NobelBiocare.


Our Special Treatment Co-ordinator

Tara is our special treatment co-ordinator. Tara is a mine of information and loves talking to patients about their dental implant options and treatment needs.

Give her a call and she can help answer any questions you may have regarding your dental implant, conscious sedation or dental cosmetic requirements. In fact, pretty much anything else you might be thinking about.

No question is unimportant to Tara !


What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a metal cylinder made from surgical grade titanium.                                             

To place an implant an incision is made in the gum covering the implant site. A space is prepared in the jaw bone into which the implant is subsequently placed.

This is carried out painlessly, under powerful local anaesthetic, similar to most dental procedures. This can also be carried out under sedation for nervous patients or for more complex cases.

The surgical site is then closed with sutures and the area left to heal for a number of months. Once the healing has occurred, the implants are uncovered and used to carry the implant crown, bridge or denture retainer.


Single Tooth Restoration


An unwanted gap left by a single missing tooth can be solved by the placement of a single dental implant and subsequently restored with a single tooth implant crown.

This allows the replacement tooth to be supported only on the implant and does not require the preparation of cutting down and loading of the adjacent teeth.



Multiple Tooth Restoration


A larger unwanted gap created by a number of missing teeth can be solved by the placement of several dental implants, which support an implant bridge.

For larger gaps, an individual implant for every missing tooth is not always required. Depending on your individual situation implant bridges replacing 3 or 4 teeth can be constructed on just 2 dental implants.

This is more economical and reduces the cost to you !


Implant Supported Overdenture


If you have few or no teeth left and are wearing a denture, you will probably be familiar with all the problems associated with the wearing of dentures.

These problems can be solved with the placement of dental implants to help support and firmly retain your dentures.

Lower implant retained dentures can be provided with as few as 2 dental implants.

Upper implant retained dentures can be provided with as few as 4 dental implants.



Fixed-Detachable Full Arch Restoration


Where you are going to lose, or where you have already lost all of your teeth then a full arch fixed dental bridge can be constructed.

Where your boney foundations are good enough, a full arch fixed dental bridge can usually be constructed on as few as 4 dental implants

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