Conscious sedation is suitable for patients normally between 12 and 65 years old. 

It eliminates the anxiety many patients associate with dentistry and so allows the patient to tolerate treatment in a comfortable and relaxed way.

Dr Clare Davidson has been helping anxious patients to cope with their fears obout dental treatment with the use of conscious sedation for over 17 years.


We are  happy to provide the full range of routine treatments under sedation, not just the big stuff ! 

Sedation can be used to relax patients during routine procedures such as extractions, fillings, root canal treatments and can even be helpful for patients that have a troublesome gag reflex.

Clare can offer patients conscious sedation using gas and air (nitrous oxide) and Intra-venous sedation using midazolam.


 Are you  interested in finding out more about sedation ?

Usually we will arrange for you to come in and talk with Clare about your treatment needs, during this appointment Clare will discuss the treatment options open to you and see how you might more easily achieve these.

If you feel that sedation would help you then we will be more than happy to arrange sedation for your treatment. 

Give us a call today and we will be happy to make you a sedation assessment appointment with Clare. 

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